Sales Coaching

We focus on creating sales habits. The approach we use is almost childish in its simplicity. In our coaching programme, we only teach what you can turn into a habit

Cold Calling

Say, you are entering a market where nobody knows you. Your prospects are too busy speaking with your competitors and have no time to visit your website. What do you do? Welcome to cold calling.

International Business Development

You are Rambo in the jungle. Nobody knows you, your language and sometimes even your industry. We know how to get you back home with tangible results!

Email Writing

Effective e-mail writing means that you are able to write the only e-mail that will be read from start to finish.


Each time you pick up the phone for business purposes, you turn into a telemarketer, regardless of your job title. Telemarketing is a science made of tough rules that you can either learn or discover for yourself.

Social Media

Your main challenge is to “create content that attracts attention” without getting caught selling! We help you by using digital illustrations custom-drawn for your company.

Who will serve you?

You always want to know who is truly taking care of your business. Behind the caricatures of our team you will find the specialists who will walk with you.

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  • Illustrator

    Andrew Kimeu

  • Wordsmith

    Rachael Mwihaki

  • Public Speaking Coach


  • Fashion Designer


  • Sales and Marketing Associate

    Salome Omondi

  • Finance Manager

    Iddy Kwatsima

  • Illustrator

    Dennis Gitonga

  • Financial Management Specialist

    Farhan Qureshi

  • CRM Specialist

    Al Graziano

  • Sales Specialist

    Enzo Graziano

  • Rainmaker

    Pauline Mwangi

  • Brand Ambassador

    June Okal

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