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This is a cartoon version of our office in Nairobi. Why don't you pop in and meet the real team!

Enzo Graziano Associates
3rd floor Woodvale Grove Road
Westlands, PO Box 25388-00100 GPO Nairobi

+254 (0) 208071814

EG Associates @jjumbamartin is probably the best reportage photographer I have ever met in East Africa
EG Associates Thank you @WamaithaKaranja We are trying to create a mastermind of entrepreneurs who support each other.
EG Associates @socialbiz_ke It's so nice to meet you here, let's stay in touch!
EG Associates Today I met a truly godly leader @moodewji who has inspired hundreds of young people in Dar at our conference; we need this kind of leaders.
EG Associates RT @moodewji: Spent my morning speaking to young graduates from Mzumbe on my entrepreneurship journey, the power of sales, and my thoughts…
EG Associates RT @behaves: Co-Creating future @sabpp1launches TalentTalks today. @MTHRGlobal @RajeshMTHRG #MTHRinAfrica wish you goodluck…
EG Associates RT @RajeshMTHRG: @behaves and @RajeshMTHRG commence the Workshop with the importance of Global context #MTHRinAfrica #tdshowafrica @MTHRGlo
EG Associates Following a true HR Specialist
EG Associates 2/2 #HRWinners @behaves: “NEXT PHASE LEADERSHIP” framework & “Phase Coaching” decreases manager transition period from 3 to 7 years!
EG Associates 1/2 #hrwinners @behaves: It’s about time we go beyond our addition to training and move onto coaching
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Enzo Graziano Associates
Woodvale Place, 3rd floor
Woodvale Grove Road
PO Box 25388-00100 GPO
Nairobi, Kenya

+254 (0) 208071814  

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