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Contrary to popular belief, social selling is not selling on social media. Social selling is the science of building relationships through multiple forms of digital communication, first and foremost social media..

Social selling never killed cold-calling. It transformed it. Today cold calling originates online where business encounters are formed. They need to trust you “digitally” before they share “real” resources, like time and money.

Enzo has used social selling to digitally engage C-level executives across 16 countries worldwide. He will show you how to earn “digital trust” and create an online presence that sustains, not replaces, your current sales process.

“Cold calling is not dead, it has just moved online”



LinkedIn is #1 social media channel for B2B lead generation and business content distribution. This platform drives more traffic to B2B blogs and sites than any other digital channel. This is the house of B2B social selling!

You cannot sell without clothes, even online. LinkedIn has become the “digital suit” you wear each time they google you. Without a LinkedIn profile you are shamefully naked and with the wrong one you are either scorned or ignored.

“LinkedIn is the digital suit you wear online”

There's more. LinkedIn has turned “profiling” into a pain-free process and literally simplified B2B cold-calling. Anyone can assess your profile, quickly and without risks, before dropping you. LinkedIn buys you that first shot!

Enzo has sold through LinkedIn ever since this channel launched its first mobile version in 2008. You can hire him as your LinkedIn sales coach and tailor your first bespoke page to start engaging those who used to ignore you.

"B2B sales starts here"

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