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Enzo is a professional sales coach, highly specialised in the East African Market. Banks, FMCGs, MNOs, Manufacturers and International employers hire Enzo to turn around sales through transformational coaching programs.

Enzo is the consultant who was chosen in 2017 by NMB Bank to deliver the groundbreaking training project that mentored 457 loan officers and 212 branch managers across 8 regions in Tanzania. The same transformational project was delivered on behalf of CBA Uganda in 2015, Barclays Bank Kenya in 2018, CRDB Bank in 2019 and Vodacom Tanzania in 2020.

Enzo uses illustrated manuals and role-play games to deliver the most practical sales training program in East Africa. Prior to his coaching career, Enzo personally sold in 11 African countries and led the global penetration strategy of Silensec Limited, an ISO27001 certified company.
In 2020 Enzo conducted a study titled “The Future of Sales After COVID-19”. This was a six-month qualitative research that involved numerous sales leaders operating across 7 countries in Eastern Africa. The research can be accessed on the link below.


When training salespeople and entrepreneurs Enzo's first objective is to create habits as opposed to sharing rules and formulas. Habits create sales while formulas and rules are quickly forgotten especially when we use written books.

This is why Enzo and his team of digital cartoonists have spent years developing illustrated manuals. Cartoons are able to translate even the most sophisticated sales lesson into a lifelong mental image that can hardly be forgotten.

“We turn lessons into lifelong mental images”

When teaching sales Enzo practices the following rule: the fewer, the easier, the stronger. The fewer the habits are, the easier they are to remember, the stronger they are in delivering results. To sell more you must focus on less.

Enzo combines the disciplines of storytelling, body language and negotiation to build customised manuals that help you identify only those sales activities that can be turned into a performance-changing lifestyle.

"Focus on few habits!"



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