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Firms in FMCG, manufacturing, insurance and financial services hire Enzo when they need a sales coach who has walked in their shoes and felt the pain of the trenches of sales. Every year entrepreneurs and corporate leaders in Africa choose Enzo as their personal sales mentor and business development advisor.

Enzo is the cofounder of Silensec Limited, a consulting firm with clients in 21 countries worldwide. For nearly a decade, he travelled by bus from Kenya to its neighbouring countries while physically cold-calling 12 capital cities and 3 regions in Africa before hiring, mentoring and leading an international sales team.

Enzo's coaching methodology is based on the foundational values of humility and self-denial, in both life and business. He transforms businesses by helping them embrace the gift of pain and by infusing the joy of serving with humility. According to Enzo, pain is not a price. Pain is a lifestyle that must be chosen daily.

Enzo recently shared his painful life journey to sales management.


When training salespeople and entrepreneurs Enzo's first objective is to create habits as opposed to sharing rules and formulas. Habits create sales while formulas and rules are quickly forgotten especially when we use written books.

This is why Enzo and his team of digital cartoonists have spent years developing illustrated manuals. Cartoons are able to translate even the most sophisticated sales lesson into a lifelong mental image that can hardly be forgotten.

“We turn lessons into lifelong mental images”

When teaching sales Enzo practices the following rule: the fewer, the easier, the stronger. The fewer the habits are, the easier they are to remember, the stronger they are in delivering results. To sell more you must focus on less.

Enzo combines the disciplines of storytelling, body language and negotiation to build customised manuals that help you identify only those sales activities that can be turned into a performance-changing lifestyle.

"Focus on few habits!"



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